I came across this short (link below) but interesting video on the BBC news website, it talks about how ads are designed to trigger an emotional response.

It's a great watch, if you're interested in branding and how to connect with consumers instead of intrusive advertising, grab a coffee and take a look.

All branding is designed to do one key thing which is to elicit an emotional connection with us, we subconsciously either relate to it or we don't - it's as simple as that.

Some do, some don't so what!

The premise of a good book, movie, or TV show is to draw us in and want more, but to do this they need to become great relateable storytellers. 

The science that goes into creating that emotional connection is multi-layered and multi-faceted, it also relies on some form of story telling in the form of pictures and words.

Before the Tsunami of shit intrusive advertising being delivered by programmatic ad tech we got used to some amazing creativity, but this was the heyday of the advertising creative agency. 

Unfortunately this over use of ad tech has now driven creativity into nothing other than a quick fire commodity, in order to further support th machine gun style marketing where a brand using ad tech needs to get their message across in 2.4 seconds - WTF!! 

Reach is an outdated way of thinking, no matter what your agency tell you. The world has moved on but they still need you to help keep the agency lights on. Ad Tech is screwed due to huge tracking discrepancies, and ad fraud overload.

A great headline piques curiosity, a great story keeps people interested, and if the story is relevant, interesting, and inspires action then a brand can engage at a more emotional level than  a 2.4 second advert.

'Content Discovery' is part of who we are, on a daily basis we all hear stories, read stories, watch stories, and of course share stories.

Social media is all about doing just that - so if your a company whose trying to get the right emotional connection with people #turnoffadtech and start telling stories.