Whatever your social media goals are, what matters is that you bring value to your audience. 

This is one of the biggest mindset changes we deliver in our 'Social Selling' process and training program, its also one of the biggest mistakes brands and people who work for those brands continually do.

We see it all the time, corporate content that's been signed off by the 'brand police' being regurgitated as 'customer focused' content, when what it's really doing is turning people off, because its an advert dressed up as something else, or its just downright boring corporate crap that even the internal people that wrote it very rarely read. 

Some brands make the mistake of assuming that what’s valuable to them is also important to their audience, and they use their social platforms to broadcast, to “sell, sell, sell”, rather than considering what really matters to people they're trying to reach.

Instead of using your social platforms to broadcast, try to use them to join conversations that are already happening. Listen to what your audience is already discussing, read what influencers are writing -then pitch your content to respond to these cues. 

The optimum word in that last sentence is 'listen' - being social is all about, well, being social, and that requires a 2 way flow exchange of views, and comments, but if your not really listening, and its all about YOU, chances are your missing out on building an extremely loyal tribe.

You will lose out on coalface feedback on your product and service, you will lose out on building and nurturing your tribe who will become awesome advocates of what you do.

'Listening' is an amazing Superpower, but you have to learn to use it.