When Adam, Alex and I started Digital Leadership Associates (DLA) dlaignite.com we knew we needed to be known for something.  So we became known as a social selling company.

From day one, we knew that we had to be different, saying we had to be the best is a cliche.  But we innovated and continued to innovate.  It was through innovation that we disrupted the existing market we entered.

We feel that we have surpassed the competition who started before us. One is a profile writer and the other delivers a service over webinar, neither approach provide the mindset change and habit change that is needed today for social selling.  Linkedin experts, teach you how to use a tool, they don't each you the process of social selling.  Overtaking the competition while not being a driver, but out innovating them was critical.

Being the biggest Sales Transformation does not buy you anything. Too many companies have innovated and rested on their laurels.  We now have 500 people worldwide, who can provide social selling programs.

Take Amazon, as soon as they became the number one seller of books, they invented the Kindle, cannibalising the book business.

We too have continued to innovate, we launch our Social Human Resources (HR) module in September. You will see us staring to do some advance promotion on this.

After HR we move on to rethink the rest of the Enterprise. Let me reiterate, we are not taking existing processes and adding social on to them, we are rethinking Sales, Human Resources, Marketing, Procurement, Customer Service, Finance for a Social world! Disrupting the world of digital transformation.

This isn’t a tool or “technology” as per the article below. This is people and process, the areas where a business will get the most “value” from transformation.

If you are interested in being part of this amazing journey, then get in touch.