Let's imagine you're sat in a bar, but this isn't just any bar, this bar is where you go to 'listen' to what people are saying about 'brands'.

What would you want them to say about you're brand, what are the key attributes of your brand they are saying, what do they think you are famous for, what type of people are talking about your brand in a negative way, what type of people are talking about your brand in a positive way?

How many of those people can you relate to, and how many do you think would introduce you to friends and family?

These are all an important part of understanding a personal and 'brand persona' and its one of the most vital things an existing, or new brand can better understand in order to better resonate with it's potential tribe.

What we often see is companies who are lost in the marketing of 'what they think they're brand is' rather than really taking time out to listen to 'what others are saying their brand is', they seem to have lost sight of what the brand persona is, and why it no longer resonates with people in favour of something similar. 

Is this because every marketing person's role has moved on from the 'why' of what the brand is all about, and they are now spending more time on the 'what' so they overload us with intrusive marketing messages which are all about them?.

Your brand's and personal persona is what draws people into you, marketing is how you move the relationship on.

Lets use 'Tinder' as an example (link below) and NO I don't use it, I'm happily married dontya know;

As far as we know there isn't one Tinder profile that explicitly say's, “Go on a date with me and fall in love with me”. It rather a profile saying, “This is what I am. If you think you could dig this, then let’s try things out.” - that's branding in it's simplest sense.

When you’re on a date with Tinder guy/gal, maybe they’ll say something like, “I’ve always wanted to go to the local art gallery downtown, we should go together sometime!” the request is still true to his/her personality/brand, but it's also used a tactic to push you onto a second date with him/her - and that's marketing.

So, why is that brands jump straight to the marketing bit way before they even consider how to draw me in with their 'brand persona'?

Why is it that far too many people on LinkedIn think its OK to connect and sell to me right away?

C'mon guys and gals, let's just be social first, maybe, just maybe we can date after - so to speak.