So often we see a talent strategy that involves posting on job boards, adverts on LinkedIn or other sites, jobs being posted on Twitter or the use of expensive rescuiters.

Companies can flip their recruitment on the head by using social.  But you are using social already?  Yes as a tactic, not as  a strategy.

You can also become the employer of choice in your market.  Sounds too good to be true? Trust me, this is already happening today!

If you look at companies like Facebook, Google, Apple; they don't have a problem recruiting because they have a policy to create a "persona" out in the market where people want to work for them.  A job comes up and people will queue around the block.

They can have the shittyest website, a cumbersome interview process, all the excuses we hear about why recruitment isn't working.

Nobody asks what it pays or what the bonus will be or how many days off is there as people want to sit in hammocks and have free jelly beans.  But they have loads of resources, I hear you say.

So what do you need to do?  Simple.  Activate and empower your staff to talk and blog on on social.

First thing is that all employees need a personal brand, when people start looking to work at your company they see that everybody is a star performer on social.  Everybody will want to work at your company.

One of our clients wrote a blog to get sales staff and has saved £500K ($650K) in recruitment fees.  From one blog!

Get the staff to build strong networks of the people you would like to work at your company, then when you staff post about how great it is (in an authentic way of course) your target staff will see this.

And the third thing that your staff need, is to be empowered to talk on social.  That is post articles, write articles, make comments etc etc.  The key thing is to be active and authentic.  If you are not active on social you are invisible to the modern buyer and job seeker after all.

It really is as simple as that and this isn't some futuristic view of the future, people are already doing this.