I was emailed last night by a company that sell cutting edge, digital transformation technology, would I like to attend an event?

Now if you read that and don't see the problem, then you have fallen behind.  You also don't get irony.

We see so many companies using sales and marketing techniques of the last century to sell and market their new "super modern product".

So often "digital transformation" is seen as a systems change of an accounting system, to the cloud maybe, where as there is no investment in the people and or the process.

If you look at new digital techniques, the people and process should be getting you twice the results at half the price.  If you think about social for example, it's use is free, well it just costs your time to use it.

Where as, advertising (which isn't social) and I'm using advertising as a metaphor for all old school marketing it's reach is a factor of how much you pay.

If you are selling "state of the art" products and services, shouldn't you market them based on techniques that come from the second decade of the 21st century?