One of the problems with "digital marketing" is that it's actually analogue marketing, but on a computer.  If it's on a computer then it has to be digital. Yes?

In my career we sent mail shots (letters) and embraced, in the 1980s the use of email marketing because it saved us the price of a stamp.  Of course, people are still talking about the virtues of email marketing (1980s technology) as it was some Millennial invention. 

The way we buy from a B2C and a B2B way has changed.  We go online, we use the internet and social media.  I was with a sales leader yesterday that showed me his door bell, that had a camera on it which he could see through his iphone, so he would never miss a parcel being delivered.  He said "we don't visit shops anymore, we buy everything on-line".  This isn't anything new, but the empowerment this gives us, does change the way we buy and the way we think about people who "pitch at us"

We don't want to be sold to.  My partners Millennial children are even more anti-sales than my generation is.  What does that mean?

Nobody gets up in the morning and says "what I need is to be pitched at today" and especially over a social network.  Which is why we have become great at filtering this noise out.

Nobody reads or looks at ads and in fact the whole notion of advertising is alien to us today.  The fact that you will pitch to us your products and then I'm supposed to ring you up, is a joke.  Which is why, of course, ad-blocker use is growing at 30% year-on-year.

In fact all forms of interrupt marketing is passed it sell by date.  Cold calling hasn't worked in Europe for years unless you are selling low value products, low down in the organisation.  A Marketer was celebrating that she had a 15% open rate on an email shot she had sent out.  Of course 15% open rates don't any relation to actual revenue.  And of course a 85% rejection rate won't sell you anything.

The marketer is also hampered by legislation, GDPR stops from you pushing me down your sales funnel as i will either block you, and I will or report you to the ICO, and I will.

There was a massive change in 2018 that Marketers need to wake up and understand.  Digital Marketing does not work anymore and the thought that digital marketing was here to stay for 50 years is a misguided fallacy.

So what could be the answer?