Was with one of clients yesterday and the subject of the allocation of leads came up.

The Sales Leader said "don't allocate that lead to person A, as they are crap on social".

His point was clear, me, my team, in fact everybody in the company represent Digital Leadership Associates (DLA).  This has been the same even in the days before the internet, social and mobile.

If I turned up late, scruffy, or made an inappropriate comment in a meeting, I would be expect to be thrown out.  I recall the story, when I was at Oracle of the person who turned to the only woman in the room and saying "will you make the tea?".  That person was Oracle's CFO and now CEO.  

The same on social, you represent your company your LinkedIn profile, Twitter.  In fact all of your company represent your business on social.

The Sales Leader went onto say "I'm not having her, go to a meeting with a prospect, while she has a crap LinkedIn profile.  What will the customer think?  It's just not professional!"

Your LinkedIn profile is now central to your sales persona, just as much as not having bad breath.  Time for a LinkedIn mint maybe?