Social Selling.

In this video SAP outline some of their research on their own salesforce

We know from other research that 90% of senior executives don't respond to cold outreach, 75% of buyers use social media to inform their purchase and 7 people are involved in the purchasing cycle today.

This has had a major impact on the sales process and totally changed the way people buy and therefore the way people buy.

The SAP research has a sample of 10,190 salespeople across 54 countries, which is a large sample and they found that people had 300% bigger deal sizes.

The research also shows that social sellers when compared to none social sellers have a better chance of converting pipeline by 8.1% in Europe, Middle east and Africa (EMEA) and 6.8% in North America.  It won't surprise many of you readers that it is social sellers that are making their number and going to club.

While this is a tech example, we are working with companies across sectors, Manufacturing, Agricultural, Professional Service, High Tech, Accountancy, Law, Property Services, Management Consultancy.  Anywhere where a buyer needs to talk with a salesperson as the product is "complex" and companies just are not able to get leads and meetings through traditional interrupt marketing, such as cold calling, email blasts, advertising and events.