This article is mainly B2C, which is partly different to the B2B world I live in, I suspect it's an agency trying to make work for themselves, let's look at the reality of today rather than a list of things I want to sell to you.

Everybody hates all forms of interruption marketing, advertising, re-marketing or whatever has been chosen here.  At the end of the day "digital marketing" has no place for interruption and broadcast.  These are marketing trends for 2019 after all.  And it's digital marketing, not 1990s analogue marketing, they can you do faster because it's on digital.

The problem with interruption and 1990s marketing however it's provided to you.  Some people for example spend thousands of pounds on the ability to send emails (the technology of the 19990s) to you faster and faster.  Martech and Marketing Automation provides you with analogue technology, with digital clothing.

The other problem with analogue technology, sold as digital, is there is technology that allows us to block this.  We fast forward through adverts on the TV, we switch channels when ads come on the radio, we have ad-blockers and their growth is 30% year-on-year.  We use spam filters and block unsolicited emails.  (No wonder there is a whole industry in manipulating people to open those unwanted emails).

Thankfully GDPR came and saved us and now with the fines coming in, BA and facebook for example, we are seeing more and more people realising that being accountable and responsible for an email list, isn't worth the fine.  We deleted our email list.

Add to the list cold calling, again, we don't take calls on our phones where we don't know the number and then are able to block those numbers.  Lead generation from conferences is down 60%.

The good news, is that you can cut most of what's in this article and we know in our heart of hearts that it just doesn't work.  Many people thought that digital marketing would be around for 50 years, well things have already moved on.

So where are your clients?  On social.

By being on social there is none of this hit and run relationships, you can build long term relationships with clients.  Prospects can find you, read your content and approach you.  None of this pissing people off with interruptions.  Social allows you to work with the modern buyer, both in terms of pro-actively prospecting as well as them finding you.

Social allows you to dominate SEO, in the real areas of Google, which is earned not paid media.

Social allows you to get in front of that audience you don't know, the real top of the funnel stuff.

Social allows you to walk away from interruptions and broadcast and welcome you to 2019!