'Creative ideas are tanking your content strategy' says this article from PR University.

I couldn't agree more. I'd qualify this by saying that many of the creative ideas are also complicated. Far more complicated than they need to be.

Why does this happen? Firstly, content is sexy. Yes it is. Everyone wants a piece. Video is cool, podcasts rock, and everyone loves an Instagram story don't they? So content attracts the opinions of people across the business. Everyone has an opinion (I hear them every day). 

Secondly, too many people - outside the core content team - don't understand the purpose of content. Which is, put simply, to tell a great story, again and again about your brand and its customers. 

It doesn't matter how simple, or how repetitive those stories are. As long as that narrative has your customer's attention, that is all that matters. The rest is detail.

Finally, people spend too much time creating when they should be planning, or measuring. I see it all the time. So much so that whenever I can, I try and bring so-called 'uncreatives' to work with my core content producers. 

That means business-intelligence analysts and project managers - the kind of people who bring business sobriety to those of us who often find ourselves intoxicated by creativity to the point of paralysis.

So have a good read of this article. It might feel like a cold shower to begin with, but it will spare you the pain of a creative-content hangover.