It's amazing how in 2018 we still talk about advertising and there still seems to be people talking about it as if it's new.

Advertising, after all, is 1930s technology.  It's a product of the last century.  Leo Burnett and a number of other executives invented advertising. 

Think about it, there was no internet, most people got their information through newspapers, the buyer wasn't very sophisticated.  Then there was TV, again the buyer wasn't very sophiscated.  Most people believed the ads, the Rolling Stones said in the song, (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

"When I'm watchin' my TV and a man comes on and tells me, How white my shirts can be, But, he can't be a man 'cause he doesn't smoke, The same cigarettes as me."

It's based on the principles of interruption.  I, as the seller / marketer will interrupt you the buyer.  And broadcast.  That is, I'm going to stand in front of you and shout at you about my products and services.

Fast forward to 2018, we all have access to so much data, through mobile phones.  I need to say that we are not going to go back in time, we will go forward.

Gary Vee and ourselves here at DLA tell people what buyers want and what modern marketers need to do.  Create insightful and educational content, don't talk about yourself (nobody evers likes that) and create a distribution network.

Nobody likes interruptions and nobody likes being broadcast at.  Think cold calling and the annoyance this is.  In fact, I think most buyers this sort of selling is "funny", in an old fashioned way.

All straight forward.

I think most people would understand that advertising (for B2C and of course B2B) is lazy marketing.  We live in an attention economy.  We are all fighting for people's attention.  Budweisers competitors are Coke, Pepsi and water as they are fighting for "share of throat", the same is for your product.  

We all hate interruptions.  So much so we have technology to stop them.  Ad-blockers grow at 30% year-on-year, GDPR has killed email marketing and number blockers on mobiles seems to have killed off cold calling.

Thinking you can literally buy the attention of buyers is old fashioned and obsolete.  The only people that tell you advertising works are people that sell it.  In fact in Kingston in London close to where are live, there are billboards that advertise advertising!

It's time to walk away from advertising, it's obsolete and you can get to the modern buyer faster, quicker and cheaper through other means.