A lot has been said about the future of advertising.  Brands are still spending money on advertising and the mind boggles in the values.  It's clear that there is a switch taking place from analogue to digital and the spend is switching too.

That said, is there a future?

This article admits that there is

1. A public backlash against all push advertising and selling.  Millennials and Generation Z hate advertising and anything "salesy".

2.  Products such as Facebook are already full with more ads than they can take.  Which means that as FB is a marketplace, the price will just go up.

3. Ad blocking increases by 30% year on year.

4.  GDPR has forced everybody in sales and marketing to grow up and use people's data responsibly.  There is further legislation to come.

5.  Major corporations have reduced advertising spend and revenues went up.

It's not looking good.  Of course there are "technologies" like Blockchain and AI, but Elvis has left the building.  There is no place for 1930s "Mad Men" for the 2018 sophisticated internet and mobile enabled buyer.

Paid media is lazy marketing and lazy selling, you know it, we know it and your customers know it.

Where are your customers and prospects?  They are on social, you now need to join the dots and advertising isn't one of them.