No 541t Sherlock!

The only people we can find that comment on our materials and blogs that advertising is dead are the people that sell advertising.  In other words have a vested interest.  Which ever way you look at it paid media does not work, or put another way, paid media does not work in the medium and long term.  Why?

If you read an entertaining blog, you remember it.  You don't remember advertisements, so you keep having to pay out more and more.  Yes earned media is hard work, but once you have earned it, you can keep pulling it in.

We can all write insightful, entertaining and educational materials, writing is like a muscle if we don't use it then it goes floppy.  Keep using it and you will find it gets strong.

And for those that are already saying "it's easy for you to say that Tim.." don't forget I was told at school to never do a job where I had to write!