Interesting article about Employee Advocacy and it certainly is right that you can do all of those things, expect you won'y get that by buying a tool.

Employee advocacy requires you to empower your employees to say these things.

My previous employer is like so many companies today, yesterday nobody can talk to the outside world, now we want everybody to talk to the outside world.  Of course people will think it's a trap.  How is it that one day you will fire me and another day you won't?

The other thing is that while many people know how to use social media in their social lives this does not translate to using social media in a business context?  What happens if I post something wrong?  What are the terms of engagement?  What happens if marketing just see this as a channel to push corporate stuff?  All of these things need coaching and mentoring.  Note I don't say training.

While training will help, coaching (according to CEB now Gartner) gives a 4x uplift.

We have after all all attended a webinar and have just done email through it and not listened.  Or attended a training course, which consists of 150 power points and then gone back to our desks and done nothing.

You can shape and in fact drive corporate business development, marketing and sales conversations and get a massive uplift in share of voice, meetings and revenue but there is no silver bullet.