No my mother isn't some sort of cyborg, we purchased her an Amazon Dot at Christmas and she is taking to it like a "duck to water".  If only it helped her with crosswords!

When social media came out 8 to 10 years ago, many people decided not to dive in as they through that either it was a fad and would go away.  Ten years on and over 40% of the world's population is on social and it's certainly not going away.  There are some "blips" like the Facebook situation and GDPR, but this is all about social media growing up.

Artificial Intelligence is the same, we are in the early days and I'm sure there will be some "blips" but I know for one, I'm getting into it as I want to understand it.  The reason why we purchased my mother a Amazon Dot is that she complains that she wasn't in at computers right in the early days and so she feels she has fallen behind.  Not so we tell her.

Either way, she has an Amazon dot so she can start getting a feel for AL and what it can do for her.  And so should your business.  We are already seeing some "game changing" uses in sales and like my mum, if you don't get on board soon, you will get left behind.