We use machine learning here at DLA http://www.social-experts.net/ we've been using it now for 6 months.  This isn't some future "skynet" dream, it's "right here and right now".

And Machine Learning isn't just for big companies, don't forget we are are a 18 month old start-up with 12 people.

In the past, people couldn't get data on their customers so they called and called and called hoping that they would find a prospect.  Or emailed and emailed and emailed on the basis that one email must hit it's mark.  And if you annoyed anybody, who cares, they were never going to buy from you anyway.  We loved it, called it "panning for gold".   The thing is, we now know who to call and we now know who to email.  If you don't, the tools are there why are you not using them?

Oh, by the way ...... we are.