With any change program like a digital transformation or social transformation (Social Selling, Employee Advocacy) there always seems to me many people who want to jump on the bandwagon.  Of course they do, management have said this is the line of travel.  If this is the way the political wind is blowing then let's get on board?  Random acts of digital and social often.

Often I've seen digital and social transformation as being the next "special project".  You know what I mean?  Take that nice person that was incompetent  but nice and nobody wants to fire them, so we give them a "special projects role".  If this is strategic for the board make it strategic?

You need somebody that takes overall responsibility, they are the "lightning conductor" for all elements of the project.  Any IT related roll out, the communication plan, the training, the changes in processes and also taking responsibility for the ROI.

This article gives a good outline of what that person's attributes should be.