As a new business salesperson gaining trust with a client as fast as I can has always been important.  Maybe that's why I write a lot about personal branding as it is so critical not just for sales but anybody in business today.  (Because we are ALL checking YOU out on social, and coming to a judgment.)

This article correctly points out the positives of GDPR, which is that we are expected to treat people's data as if it was our own.  GDPR is also more than just about "opting in" there is a whole set of processes that need to go behind this.  I know because I'm a CEO of a company that is currently implementing them. (Should be compliant by the end of January).

What nobody seems to have worked out is this fundamentally changes sales.  Classic sale is you cold call or cold email and you push people down the sales funnel.  You cannot do this anymore.

And this applies to all companies in Europe, all companies selling into Europe and all companies with European employees.

With a May deadline, time is running out €20 million or 4% of annual turnover ... it going to be costly.

Finally, I've seen a lot of talk in Facebook groups that as people "don't know" about GDPR or "don't know the detail" they don't have to do anything.  As a lawyer friend of mine pointed out to me the other day "ignorance isn't a defence in a court of law in the UK".