Social Media has changed the world.

Changed our domestic lives and changed our professional lives

We are in the midst of the biggest evolution in Sales, Marketing and Business development since email and it’s changing the game.

Buyers are using Digital and Social channels to come to conclusions about whether they should work with your competition.

Every business needs 4 key elements:

Access to markets

"We have established we have useful products and services and now need to take them to market.  Where can we take them and who are the businesses we should target?". This is the market analysis piece and working out how we get into those markets. 

Credibility in those markets

Once we have established where and who, how do we show them that we are a credible player? "How to we demonstrate this in ways that get them interested in us?".

Meaningful connection with prospects

We now have their attention; "how do we establish trust and build relationships within those new accounts?".

Create Commercial Integration

It all hinges on this. If we do well in the first 3 elements, it should position us perfectly to take advantage of this crucial next step.

4 key areas that any business leaders should be asking. As we try to answer these questions moving into 2022, it’s impossible to avoid Digital and Social regardless of our sector.

No matter how complex we make it sound, not matter how many techniques and methods are employed at each stage…these are the basic elements we all need to be good at and, as we move into 2022, it’s impossible to have this level of analysis and conversation without turning to Social Media. In fact, these days its front and centre.

So, it makes sense that all of the people in our team that are responsible for generating demand, generating leads and closing business should be expert at prospecting, networking and building influence in your sectors on Social Media.

Crux and DLA Ignite partners on Social Selling & Influence

Crux are partnered with DLA Ignite.  We deliver the DLA Ignite Social Selling programme across a range in industries from Energy to Tech, from Oil and Gas to Electronic manufacturing, from IT to Engineering and more.

We are business transformation consultants, and we deliver a programme designed to improve business performance with the strategic application of Social Media within the organisational team.

Areas of improvement:

  • Qualified relevance in your markets sectors and prospects
  • Ownership of the digital share of voice in your sector
  • Trusted advisor status
  • Pipeline confidence
  • Inbound increase
  • Growth
  • Employers of choice
  • Shared sense of inclusion and achievement across the team

The aim of our programme is to position you and your team as the leading technical and commercial digital influencers in your sector.

DLA Ignite have been working to have the programme accredited with the Institute of Sales professionals.

On Friday, we launched the world’s first formal and accredited qualification in Social Selling on our live stream show, the Digital Download.

We ere joined by Patrick Joiner, Managing Director of the Institute of Sales Professionals, who opened by saying:

“What brings us to working with DLA Ignite as you said, you’ve been working for a long time now developing a very strong Social Selling Programme and what we recognise is that it was a trend in any case, but the last 2 years of lockdown has absolutely catapulted us into the era of Digital Selling and it is a skill set that many Sales people are still grappling with. and maybe haven’t fully mastered.”  

Patrick went on to say:

“And what is clear, all the research is telling us, is that more and more buyers are making their purchasing decisions entirely digitally, are shortlisting potential suppliers digitally, they are identifying potential solutions digitally and unless as Sales professionals we have a professional presence in the digital space, we are probably going to missing out on a lot of business.”

I am a Fellow of the Institute of Sales Professionals (F.ISP) and I'm thrilled that the recognition of the importance of Digital and Social skills is now in place and there is now a mechanism for the modern Sales professional to receive a formal qualification in Social Selling.

Here is a link to the digital download with Patrick Joiner from the ISP in which Patrick Explains why we need this qualification what the qualification entails and how you can get your teams empowered with it

The leading global sales institute is now backing Social Selling and have backed our programme.

Crux partnered with DLA ignite to bring you the only accredited Social Selling programme available in the world.

A 12-week programme designed to create the habits and behaviours with your team to ensure business transformation and growth. Sustainable revenue growth and marketing positioning to improve ebitda.

This isn’t about afternoon masterclasses or hints, tips and hacks….

In 2022 it’s important that you teams have the skills and the environment to be able to prospect, network, build influence and close business online.

Reinforcing Patrick Joiner’s point…

“…unless as Sales professionals we have a professional presence in the digital space, we are probably going to missing out on a lot of business.”

If you would like more information or whish to discuss this in more detail, please contact me or anyone in the Crux team.

Live Social '22

Eric Doyle

CruxDLA Ignite