The rise of CLOUD marketplaces.
How B2B procurement is shifting towards online channels.

The PRINT industry. A billion dollar industry.
A pandemic that accelerated change across this and other
Sectors across the globe.
Our thanks again to Louella Fernandes and Quocirca for these insights and data.
What does this mean for the PRINT industry in particular?
Digital Transformation has spurred the rapid migration to the cloud
over the past year as most organisations have been forced to adopt a new remote working model. Cloud has played a crucial role in keeping businesses operational.
Resilience, agility and on-demand has enabled the case for cloud and the case for IT to infrastructures to accommodate remote and scale accordingly.
In the next two years, almost half (46%) of organisations expect their IT environment to be running fully in the cloud, up from just 15% today.
An unstoppable force.
But that is not all. Traditional B2B sales have given way to virtual platforms, and as more buyers turn to online platforms, businesses are adapting their go-to market models to include digital channels such as B2B marketplaces.
They are changing the face of corporate procurement.
Digital Transformation is forcing the PRINT industry players to change their business models and adapt to the new market reality.
OEM'S, ISVs and channel partners must adapt to address the changing demand of the modern B2B technology buyer.
A huge opportunity. Digital First. Online and with Purpose. Trust will be key to selection.
As a business and an advisor in this landscape, how do you look to the buyers looking in?
The race is on.
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Some slides to give you a snapshot of the data and key findings.
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