"The customers pursuit of a purchase online without the direct involvement of a sales rep - is one of the biggest shifts impacting B2B sales and one that has been accelerated by the pandemic".

If you are a CSO of an organisation, then this is for you, your management team and all those you lead into the new landscape of digital B2B interactions.

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4 KEY ACTION takeaways below. ✅

🔵 Improve the Digital Buying Experience
CSOs must remap customers digital and virtual buying journey and identify gaps for opportunities

🔵 Sales and Marketing alignment is especially critical now, as customers use in-person and digital channels throughout the entire buying journey

🔵 A seamless omnichannel buying experience depends on the variety of integrated tech platforms. CSOs must drive competitive differentiation in a digital world by increasing investment in digital sales and martech capabilities.

🔵 It is imperative to lower the cost of finding new customers and, more importantly, retaining customers.
CSOs are investing in key account managers, who are effective at growing existing business, and inside sales reps who are highly efficient a attracting new business.

The above key actions are a snapshot of the bigger picture.

As we deliver our Social Selling Programme, all of the above actions are in play, alongside strategy and behaviours.

Investing budget and resource to such a programme can make sure your team continually perform at the highest level and are ready for the next phase in B2B commercial interactions.

Digital First.

If you want to find out how you and/or your team can move into this digital landscape, then send me a Calendy invite below.


Be you. Be social.

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