I've just read this article about how a revolution in sales is going to take place with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Is this really the case or is the author selling AI?

What does it take to sell in this digital world?

In this 2 minute video I explain what social selling is about, it's about being human on social.

Let's imagine, tomorrow I pick you up and drive you to a place where all your prospects and customers hang out.  All you have to do is have conversations with them and be human.  This is social selling.

The difference is that a social network is digital.  But it's no different from a networking event, you have conversations.

You wouldn't send a robot to do your networking for you, would you?  No!

Why?  Because, you would look lazy, the same, anybody using any automation looks ..... lazy.

Social networks assume you turn up.

Social networks are built on the fact that I want to sell to you and we are both on the social network.  If I am too lazy to turn up, I could automate myself with AI.

But of course, so will you.  There are 756 million people on LinkedIn and what happens if they all automate themselves?  Of course, nothing. 

With AI, the whole mutual consensus of a social network finishes, because neither of us can be bothered to be there and have sent robots.  AI kills the social network! 

Crap processes automated are still ..... crap processes

When the world of eCommerce / websites were launched, they were pitched as the answer to everything.  All you needed was a website that you bolted onto your crap business model company and everything would be great.  The was the way that websites were promoted, a bit like AI, it all seems like the "immaculate conception".  Websites like AI we are told will rid the world of all its ills.

Business swallowed this, hook, line and sinker and they bolted websites onto crap business model companies and guess what?  Nothing.  They were crap business model companies and nothing was going to save them, not even a website.  The same with AI, if your business model is broken, all AI will do is automate your broken model. 

AI will change the world and will change sales but not in the ways that many "experts" predict, I would suggest that maybe, they don't understand how it works today.