How are you growing your network just now?

We know that LinkedIn have curbed the spamming of connections and made it more complex to automate and scrape for connections, but are we still just pushing the CONNECT or FOLLOW button?

This should never be done willy nilly.
This should always be part of getting to know people that interest you, you have some common ground and you may be able to work together in the future.

As my #sales career has been around sectors in managed print, logistics and a small part in the translation arena, I can personalize my message to a network of individuals who are still working in these roles.

A. Because I have an interest in the people and the industries.
B. Because their is a huge opportunity to discuss the B2B landscape.

So when I want to press the 🔵 button I do it personally.

These buttons allow you to work the two-way engagement well on the platform that is for engagement and having digital human to human conversations.

So if I follow you, then I can see your content, engage with the conversations and vice versa.
If we connect then we can have a further conversations.

Have a think about that as you navigate this colourful B2B platform.

Have a great weekend.

Be you. Be social
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