Having been on the other side for years and become a pretty good bar for any sales person looking to move into a new sales role, let me break it down for you.

Feels good when you start
Getting better the more you do
Meetings being made
You are now a master of the call

But with 2020 accelerating the digital b2b journey, what was going to happen in 2025, is now front and centre.

3-5 years of calling later, your drained and wish you went social sooner.

Building Trust on Social is quicker
Content with Insights drives intrigue
Buyer and Prospects looking for you online
A social network can amplify your message
Company insights and follower growth
Commercial interactions with key stakeholders

Making 25-50 calls a day won't get you to the customer quicker.
Writing content and building trust on social will let them come to you.

There is only one profile on LinkedIn that is yours. What do you want to be famous for?

Take the step into the digital arena.
You have the chance to stand out.
Take it.
This digital KPI is much more fun.

P.S. excuse the accent. 🤪

Be you. Be social.

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