Across the course of my career I have encountered many obstacles and voiced various concerns in regards to the structure and process of the company that I have worked for.

Now, I have not been on this path solo, no. Many of my colleagues had similar opinions on what we did, how we did it and what TEAMWORK meant as a company.

For me, I have always seen it as everyone pulling in the same directions to get the outcome we are looking for.

 I STILL STAND BY THIS. This is how it should be.

Granted SALES is a tough, lonely place and what fits one persona and drive, may not fit in with the TEAM ethics of another.

 I have been that guy, that soloist that wants to run the sales gauntlet all on his own.

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Through choice, NO. But habit YES.

The problem comes from departments and disciplines having a job that they are required to do, which is part of a daily/weekly routine to get tasks done before a certain time.

This goes across projects, work-scopes, and general daily duties and responsibilities.

My point is. If the end result of any business ends with winning business and onboarding new clients, shouldn’t everyone have that goal and thought process and be included in that journey to get there.??

Or anyone that plays that active part in that onboarding.

The businesses we talk to and the programme mainly aims at the sales process and pipeline being not where it needs to be,

But the overarching strategy of the coaching involves departments that can elevate not only the personnel, the sales process and pipeline, but the eyes looking in to who the future talent can work for.



Imagine you are CEO, CFO, CMO or CRO and you are looking at a team online and working from home for the first time ever, this has been challenging, make no mistake. We can only applaud you and your team spirit if you came through unscathed.

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But what you do next can define you, your employees and the rest of this year and years to come.

The latest Edelman report suggests that TRUST is still at an all time low. But at least the BUSINESS world is still ahead of other institutions.

So how as a leader do you turn this emotion around?

How do you allow your partners, prospects and clients to trust you and continue to lean towards you?

In short - from the report.

"Provide trustworthy content that is truthful, unbiased and reliable".

 Across which teams?



Imagine you are a graduate with skills that make you stand out.

You are in the year 2021 and social media is HUGE.

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I would imagine you are going to look at a company that has a solid relationship with SOCIAL.

Now imagine you are in HR and you have seen the impact a social organisation can deliver to that talent looking at you.

 No longer just posting on Linkedin or hiring an expensive talent finder or job board upload.

You are a social changemaker and your presence on social media give them the chance to see you, and the business they aspire to work for.



Imagine you are a skilled engineer or technician and you are looking at who would best fit your next career move, who inspires you, how would you fit into that team and what are their plans and project expertise looking like.

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Now imagine you are that Ops Manager, and your now pushing content into your feed online, giving us a dynamic insight into your work culture, ethics, project delivery, team spirit and client portfolio, future plans and expertise.

 Again, the eyes that are looking are leaning in towards you.



Imagine you are actually talking and joining the dots and listening to your clients and partners about challenges, what's new, where they want to go, what is next, future of work and how they have been over the last 15 months.

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 Now imagine you are creating insight and knowledge content based on the above, and creating a harmony between the two roles, thus giving them exactly what they need and want to hear, but they are leaning in towards you as an individual as you are the one telling us the stories through your OWN profiles.

They want to see you, here from you and trust you.

2020 tested everyone's metal. Everyone would have felt it.

Right now in Q2 2021, the wheels are turning and digital is moving at pace in the B2B market, across all verticals.

We are listening and we are advising.

We push content out to that effect and we engage some more.

Now, flip that to your business model and what you want to achieve.

Teams creating content, across departments and discipline to attract the talent, experienced and clients of tomorrow.

It is that SIMPLE, but not EASY.

The good thing is, we are doing this weekly. Our programme is unmatched. It is the high watermark.

We are not playing at social. We are changing businesses.

No more wasted money, wasted efforts. Time well spent.

  • Digital and Social Transformation.
  • 5 modules.
  • Strategy and Work-scope for Social Selling & Influence
  • Culture, Voice and Digital Presence built-in. DNA

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And once you are moving, you will feel amazing. A new direction, a feeling of being in the right place. A digital arena that you are comfortable in. A team on the same page.

  • Harmony and Pace all in control.
  • Clients and Prospects leaning in and listening.
  • Trust Advisors in your sector.
  • Commercial Conversations being made.
  • Business back on track.
  • Here's to 2022. Pipeline a plenty.


Happy to talk further. I have sat on other side.

Have a good week.


Be you. Be Social.