For my time in sales, I have always wondered what and how marketing do what they do.

I am by no means a marketer or have much knowledge or training on marketing.

I have seen campaigns done well, I have seen campaigns done not so. I have done some myself when I had a dual role.

But there has always been a divide in the ranks of sales and marketing.

The idea being that marketing is looking for a measure of success in say blog traffic or likes, or email subscriptions or viewers to website or video content.

Salespeople tend to look at the revenue as a measure of success as the norm.

But the idea is to align these two disciplines and be more Customer-Centric.

You have to consider the customer and the journey they are taking and will take now. Online.

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Not aligning your sales and marketing teams isn't just unhelpful for the customer — it's also damaging to your bottom line.

You have to both meet as people and engage in conversation which fits around the buyer persona. Challenges - Sales can here this. Wants and needs - Marketing can also research.

Coming together and aligning these message will work wonders for your business and in turn provide the inbound and leads that so many companies don't know how to manage or even calculate and prove the data for.

If we have salespeople working on there own initiative they will be like the rest.

Not that this is wrong and many salespeople can manage on their own. But imagine the return if the harmony and messages were aligned from both skills. TEAMWORK.

If we have salespeople working with marketing and getting the content and message right with brainstorming and coming together. They can navigate the inbound cleaner, with a message focused around what they hear, and it can be humanised to come from the heart and the person in the sales process. This in turns leads to a more approachable and trusted format as when the buyers engage with sales personnel down the line.

They have seen your content, you and marketing are aligned. The inbound is coming in and is managed better, they are passing all the good inbound and leads to the sales teams and then you repeat this and create stories and content around actual buyer persona.

This should be the way it moves going forward.

Corporate content has a place. But imagine if it was crafted around what sales teams hear.

Imagine if you worked together and became storytellers from both sides of the fence.

CUSTOMER-CENTRIC messages. This will win the day.

Have a think.


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