It’s December.

I love this month. Good tunes, Xmas vibes and fine smells.

I start to really get into the spirit of things and can’t wait to get out and smell the chestnuts and mulled wine.

Browse for presents as I enjoy the giving and wrapping of gifts for the family.

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This year is slightly different.

I still enjoy the time. But not quite as much this time.

The world has shifted with this pandemic and restrictions have altered what we can and can’t do and whom we can and can’t see.

This time of year in sales also used to be my favourite as this was the time that you used to park the effort and go and visit your customers and give some gifts over for a thank you for being a client and sorry I only see you once a year...... busy you know.

Things will have changed drastically for salespeople, teams and businesses this year.

If the pipeline that was forecast is not already in the bin.

December will allow you to throw it that way. Or you can tell me different. Tell me.

There will be no dropping of Xmas gifts and no niceties this year.

So what do you do?

What can you do with your spare time this month where let's be honest, not much is going to happen that already hasn’t happened on Q4 already.

You could plan ahead and set your stall out for another fudged make-believe pipeline and target list.

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You could look at your accounts and try to add some real value and find some areas of improvement to make.

Or you could invest in yourself, your sales teams and your business by realising that there are other ways of working that sale process and being more human while having your say online.

How is your presence? Do you post much?

Do you look at content? Do you look at your competitors content?

Do you post corporate content?

Have you thought about a 40% uptake on sales cycles and inbound from being you on LinkedIn and prospecting on this platform?

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Probably not. You haven’t had the time.

The KPIs don’t allow it. The number on the back.

That number is gone. And if you want it back and want to achieve it next year. Get social.

December and into January I will be working hard and training harder.

I will be ready for 2021.

Will you be. Happy to have a chat. About you or anything. I love talking to people.

Tell me what's working for you, I honestly want to hear good news stories.

Have a solid humpday.


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