In the western world, brands are still fixated with getting people to the website, moving consumers the through the funnel, along with desperate pleas to 'come visit our store' whilst still believing that social media is still a place to advertise and promote themselves.

This outdated western thinking along with an incremental mindset approach to retail highlights the fact that they are missing the point and opportunity for creating consumer inertia in your favour.

Most of which is available within a lo-cost, no-cost leverage and build strategy - clearly something your media agency isn't too keen to push. 

Travel Retail is one of those sectors that has been decimated more so than the traditional High St or the Mall. Having seen footfall decline to unprecedented levels due to lack of passengers, combined with the UK Government's version of 'travel corridor' hokey cokey it's proving to be an extremely difficult time.

Meanwhile in the east we continue to see brands recognising that if consumers can't come to them, they need to go where the consumer is.

This includes embracing 'live streaming' technology in order to remain front of mind, tap into the stay at home, and work from home consumer.

Travel retailer DFS is one of many brands electing to do more than sit on their hands and wait for others to solve the problem.

 The event, held on 18 August, was conducted as an hour-long Flash Sale streamed over WeChat and featured some of the most sought-after beauty and cosmetics products. Hosted in T Galleria by DFS, Tsimshatsui East, it generated more than 50,000 views, over 30,000 likes, nearly 6,000 comments, 12,000 product click-throughs and 2,500 shares.

60%+ of the worlds population is on one social platform or another - instead of advertising, or getting the guy with the beard, or the girl with the tattoo in marketing to keep posting your corporate message (no one reads them BTW) how about experimenting with 'live streaming'.

Do you know of any western brand doing this with the same level of success as DFS and others in the east?