You are reading this "Passle" aka a blog.

Would you consider this digital?

You may well have arrived here via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, or even, the website.

Would you consider them digital?

Do you stop to consider anything you do online to be digital? Or, is it just the way you do things on a day to day basis. 

Without giving it a second thought.

You dance between a group Whatsapp message from your family or loved ones, to an email exhange or even a slack exchange with colleagues. Pirouette in to a video call on whichever you platform you have. Chassez over to Instagram, scroll through the news feed, hover over a highly personalised ad, mutter to yourself, "Facebook is definitely listening to my conversations". From here, it's a heel turn into LinkedIn to see what is happening in your network. You pause on another #askalex video. Then it's a box step into Twitter followed by a quick one-two to a vendor wesbite you are considering, finally you do a moonwalk into TikTok (I know you all do it) to see "what the kids are up to these days", before you know it, you are doing a dance to Blinding Lights by The Weekend. Its all about the For You Page.

This is how we live our lives, this is nothing new if we are honest with ourselves, yet for some unfathomable reason, "The Corporation" did not really see it this way.

That's not how our customers want to talk to us.

They don't buy this way.

Let's just put "Digital" infront stuff and we are A OK.

Digital Marketing. Digital Innovation. Digital Selling.

Our employees won't use a "collaboration tool". Email works just fine.

Then POW (imagine original Batman with Adam West & Burt Ward when he THWACKS the villains). Here we are.

The dawn of realisation we have been doing this all along, this "digital dance". 

Some were set up better, in the B2B world, than others to manage in the transitional period. We all seem to have got this far. 

Was this part of your Digital Transformation programme? Of course it wasn't. What this has done is forced you to think very differently about the way you were doing things. Those things that you have always done this way, and there couldn't possibly be another way. 

Could there?

We have to stop thinking of digital as a thing to be put in a box for someone to "lead" and think that is enough. If anything, we are only just at the beginning of all of this.

The 4th Industrial Revolution? Feels more like a war at the moment, I know. Feels the same to me. And it's just the beginning.

You will get through this.

You have to stop thinking digital and start being digital.

The chances are, you are already. As are the majority of your employees, if you just allow them to be.

The question is this -  will you get four 10s at the end of this particular dance or will it be the dance off?