Based on recent data from Data Reportal it seems that the continued surge in usage of Apps is having a huge influence on what and how we use the web before, during and post this crisis, and the inevitable impact on search and paid media adverts;

Firstly, they support the hypothesis that mobile users are increasingly turning to dedicated mobile apps – rather than to the mobile web – to achieve their desired outcomes on mobile devices.

This trend is evident in the latest app store data, too. App Annie reports that mobile app downloads across the Google Play and iOS stores have grown by 10 percent year-on-year, with smartphone users downloading a total of 30 billion apps in the first 3 months of 2019 alone – that’s more than 3,850 downloads every second.

This also supports the significant change in use of consumer behavior since the start of each countries flavour of 'lockdown'. During this crisis and as people are locked in at home eCommerce brands operating in the discretionary spend space are seeing increases in casual browsing but with little to no intent on conversion e.g. add to basket has dwindled. 

Prior to this crisis retailers of all sectors committed substantial spend and resource around SEO and Advertising, but this approach is no longer producing the ROI and based on the current direction of travel it's unlikely that 'business as usual' won't return for sometime - if at all.

All manner of retail businesses (those that are able to get through) are having to rethink, reimagine, and re-engineer in order to remain front of mind ahead of the competition.

“There’s no legacy knowledge or rearview mirror that advertisers can look back to help get through this period and our members are talking a lot about adopting zero-based thinking” said Robert Dreblow, global head of marketing services at the World Federation of Advertisers. “When it comes to partnerships they’re going to have to renegotiate everything.” source  Seb Joseph Digiday. 

So, as this conundrum continues as people are staying in lockdown and curiosity is increased but spend is at best deferred, or at worst completely cancelled what can brands and companies do to not only leverage this traffic surge but remain front of mind? 

Offering all manner of discounts or deferred incentives might help, but their not really going to get those conversions back to where they were pre-crisis as people like you and me around the globe are still trying to figure out how long they need to use the cash they've got in order to put food on the table. 

The background narrative is also the headline hitting social concerns around distancing in the workplace for those companies in the 'essential services' sector, let alone those that continue to pick, pack and deliver for discretionary items.

One option is to invest in your employees to help you to leverage 'social media' in an authentic non intrusive way.

I don't know about you but being social is part of who the human race is. Since this crisis began we have seen no end of video conference call technologies like Zoom (despite privacy concerns) being used for business, along with Apps like 'Houseparty' (despite safety concerns for younger adults) connecting separated families together.

There are circa 3.8Bn people around the globe on one social platform or other, according to Vodafone mobile data usage has reached over 30% increase in the UK and traffic on connected TV's has soared 20% according to WURL - Thanks for those nuggets from Gary Corbett.

Social Media is no longer an extension of your customer service department. How about using that training to activate at least 10% of the aggregated workforce to give a non brand police view of the really good reasons to work and shop at each of these companies?

All this training can be done remotely, it can be done today using all those technologies you are using to keep staff motivated, inform suppliers and ensure you continue to be front of mind for your clients and customers.

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