I'm sure that these figures don't actually surprise anyone, and are we really surprised by the speed of change?

Social Media, Internet and Mobile has changed society.  It has changed the way we run our lives and this in turn has changed the way we do business.  Why?

Because people take the way we use social media in our daily lives and bring that to work.  It still amazes me that companies still ban the use of social media, do they not realise that everybody has a mobile phone and will use the mobile.

Companies have to stop putting their heads in the sand and realise this changes has taken place and relook at their policies and processes.

Their policies, they have to understand that the horse has bolted and embrace social media.  While this sounds scary to some people, they need to treat social media as you do health and safety, inclusion, bribery etc and train their employees on the right and wrong behaviours.

The processes, by folding in social as a strategy, rather than a tactic and empowering employees right across the business, the real benefits of corporate social media can be obtained.  For example, more business at less cost, more employees at less cost, more employee efficiency, supporting maternity returners, getting new starters and new salespeople to contribute quicker.  This is just the start.

Social media on business is truly transformational and for the changemakers out there we are seeing amazing changes.