In this article, Apple have acquired a startup that develops, software for iPhones.  Makes sense.  The startup improves photos via infrared.  The example given is pretty amazing.

In our discussions with business, getting the best talent (before your competitors) and retaining the talent it the number one boardroom issue for business.  In the UK and US we are pretty much a full employment and people (should be) happy where they work

While it is useful to do the usual stuff finding people, job ads, recruiters, referrals, some talent is just not possible to find.

In the article it also points out that many companies actually acquire companies purely for the talent.  In his book "Chaos Monkeys: Inside the Silicon Valley Money Machine" Antonio García Martínez describes just this and his journey being acquired by Twitter / facebook.

So The Verge (the writer of the article) cannot be sure that this functionally will end up in the iPhone (which would be a pity) or if the company has just be purchased for the talent.  Apple, I understand, buys a company every two to three weeks, on average.