History shows that the most successful advertising channels have been the ones that have reached consumers in their homes, where the vast majority of purchase decisions are made. Start with newspapers and progress through mail-order catalogs to glossy magazines, radio and finally television, and that’s been the common denominator.

And that was how it was back in the day!

The consumer of today is being 'influenced' by, the ubiquitous adoption, availability, and take up of mobile devices along with the Tsunami of of people choosing to engage on one social media platform or another, some at home, but an awful lot of it on the move. 

All of this has changed consumer behaviour forever, yet it seems that brands and advertisers still haven't got the message.

"eMarketer predicts that programmatic display advertising will account for 83.5% of total digital display ad spend this year – and could reach nearly $80 billion by 2021 as technologies evolve. Overall, growth in programmatic display has been steadily slowing as technologies mature". 

Our own behaviour on-line demonstrates that this ongoing 'advertise and promote me, me, me is showing that it simply isn't working.

Recent conversations with CEO's, CMO's and other members of the leadership teams we talk to all agree "we all ignore cold calls, we all ignore unsolicited emails, we all ignore adverts" ... but of course, our adverts, our unsolicited emails and our cold calls are supposed to be different.  They are not.

On the one hand we admit we filter this all out but on the other hand our stuff is great so we spend time trying to push it in front of people the same way that we admit we ignore from everybody else.