Just like the rest of the retail sector major grocery chains are having to face up to the realities of the modern digital world we all live in today.

I recently wrote a blog (here) about the potential impact on Supermarkets and their FMCG suppliers and partners.

 If, as some suggest the growth in online sales for grocery retailers jumps to circa 20%+ what impact is that going to have on the huge legacy investments in real estate, how do FMCG brands like 'Unilever' remain front of mind when trying to convince us that they're cereal is better, they have the 'freshest' choice, and are the most 'innovative' when we increasingly choose to shop online for the 'convenience?

And now we hear about significant employment contract changes with one of the UK's biggest Supermarket chains, also owned by US company Walmart. 

Cathy Murphy has worked for Asda for the last 44 years and says it has been an "absolutely amazing employer".

However, recently the supermarket chain told Ms Murphy she will be fired unless she signs up to a new contract that will strip her of her long-service benefits, paid tea breaks and Bank Holidays off.

She is one of thousands of employees who have been told to sign the new contract before 2 November or leave the business. But Ms Murphy describes it as "just not fair".

Without a doubt businesses need to adapt to the modern age, but what is the real people cost?