Over the years I've been involved in the periphery of financial services, it's a highly regulated sector and most meetings I've ever attended have been 90% about compliance, and 10% around actually getting stuff done, and that's just the internal way of going about things - not sure if anythings changed?.

Because of all that regulation they also have an awful lot of jargon to deal with, unfortunately a lot of that jargon get's spilled over when trying to gain our attention, which inevitably ends up turning us off, which clearly wasn't the intention in the first place.

A few years ago I produced a video campaign for a number of financial services companies, the biggest being Co-Operative Financial Services (link to a few video's here) which sadly didn't get aired due to an internal crisis associated with them selling out to another firm.   

One of the best ways financial advisers today can bolster their credibility and reach potential clients is available for free.

It's called social media.

However, merely joining Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook won't cut it.

"Outside of opening the account, you need to join the conversation," "Engagement is key; finding your voice is the second thing."

Used correctly, social media can provide financial advisers with an outlet to showcase their expertise, network with their peers and meet potential clients.

Social media is one of the really great places to be able to connect with existing customers, and in particular when trying to uncover new ones, but to do this requires not just the company, but also it's employees to understand the true Superpowers that can be used, providing of course that it's within the framework of an integrated social media strategy, which also includes up-skilling the workforce to leverage the 3 key pillars of a great social media presence;

  1. A humanised social profile - not a CV.
  2. The ability to connect with, and grow the right tribe.
  3. Consistent sharing of expertise and knowledge

By building a social media presence, advisers can build credibility, engage with prospective clients and network with others. 

Your content needs to be genuine, authentic and consistent to be effective.

Find the form of media that works best for you.