As more and more web browsers are having to adapt or die in the increasingly draconian world of data privacy, the impact is being felt none more so than in the industry that continues to assume the mantle of 'Emperors New Clothes, which is that of the programmatic ad tech industry. 

If you use Safari then the intrusive ad industry has almost given up on you, which for me is a great thing, what about you?

A technical solution that allowed brands to bid in real time and stretch their message to as broad a number of people as possible is finally having to wake up to the fact it has truly shot itself in the ad tech foot.

There is a growing online movement with the hashtag #turnoffadtech and it seems to be having a positive effect on a number of global FMCG brands who turned off ad tech and felt no real impact on sales, or brand awareness.

Not only are there now 1 in 4 people adopting ad blocking software, not only is there forecast to be circa $100 Billion in ad fraud by 2023, but without a doubt, last years introduction of the GDPR has at last started to make companies think about the madness of ad tech and how the wild west mentality and blatant abuse of personal data is simply switching off you and me in our millions. 

There is an alternative way, but it relies on brand going 'cold ad tech turkey' for a period of time, it relies on going back to basics with story telling and creativity, it relies on those brand being prepared to 'listen' to it's audiences, it relies on those brands becoming more socially engaging.

And it totally relies on brands moving away from the standard 'quick fix' of reach which is driven by the 'advertise and promote' thinking that's led to the Tsunami of intrusive advertising that's pissing people off.

There is an alternative way - ask me how?