There is a growing online trend happening called #TurnOffAdTech, and I have to say it's long overdue, and is rapidly gathering momentum, mainly by some pretty big global brands.

With global audiences for Social Media hitting 3.5 billion by July 2019, combined with the continued rise for deployment of ad blockers, and ad fraud forecast to hit $100 billion by 2023 it seems that brands have had enough, and are now scratching their heads around how they maintain a 'front of mind' presence, and of course keep sales going.

With a few examples of major FMCG brands dialing down 'paid media'  P&G turned off $200 million in digital ad spend and showed no change in business outcomes and  Chase reduced "reach" in digital media from 400,000 websites to 5,000 sites and showed no change in business outcomes, so says the research from Dr Augustine Fou, who focuses on the ad fraud industry and its impact on huge deficits created from marketing budgets.

So what is a brand to do when all they've known is 'intrusive advertising'?

To help I've included a link (below) to a really cool infographic that could help to motivate you to think a little more about why you should take time to explore how to leverage all the 'Superpowers' of 'social media' for something more than just another way to 'advertise and promote' your brand with intrusive, fraud ridden adverts.

An internally aligned, transformational 'Social Selling' program has proven to deliver in excess of 30% incremental business.

If you would like to know how we've helped some major global companies transform with Social Selling, by all means contact the author of this blog.