e-Commerce is not what it was - Social Commerce is changing all that.

B2B buying process has changed - Social Media is changing all that.

Websites are not what they were. - Social Media is where people find out who you really are.

Search is becoming less relevant - 'Content Discovery' via Social Media is the key driver.

Call Centres don’t work - Need I say?

Advertising has changed, forever - The media marketing landscape has already declined.

Email marketing is becoming redundant - GDPR and Intrusive outbound

Text marketing is redundant - All banned

The era of driving people towards you, and getting them to do the hard work has fundamentally changed, the ‘push’ marketing and intrusive advertising industry is in a constant state of flux.


Not because of GDPR - we did that one to ourselves.

Because technology has empowered you, me and our customers to be in control of what, where, and how we see things.

It’s given us a voice, and being 'social' means just that, being 'social'. 

It doesn't mean transferring your 'advertise and promote' thinking into the 'social space' - despite what your media buying agency tell you!

Social Media is not a fad for Millennials, it needs a serious seat at your Board Room table.

Ask me how?