Employee advocacy strategies seem to scare the pants off those in the C-Suite, mainly because they feel they're not in control of what the employee can/can't say.

Well, let me tell you that's just a huge insult to your people, and a complete waste of an amazing opportunity for your company, especially when the C-Suite are included as part of the 'employee advocacy program'. 

Many companies rely solely on their marketing teams to create content, however the most successful content marketing campaigns require a team effort. From managers and quality analysts to technical support and sales teams, getting the entire organization to contribute to content has many benefits.

Your team is full of individuals, all capable of sharing unique and exciting perspectives. It can be challenging, of course, to rally everyone around content creation - especially those outside of the marketing department - but in doing so, you can add an entirely new, relevant angle to what you produce. 

This is just one of the key pillars to a successful 'Social Selling' strategy that can help with real digital transformation. The article (link below) has a number of great tips on how you might go about this, and my personal favourite is the first one;

It helps to humanize your business

Who better to tell a company’s story than its employees? Team members are far more capable than any external marketing agency. When team members generate content, they themselves become the face of the company, and consumers often find it easier to relate to a real person than a company entity.

A study by the Edelman Trust Barometer found that 67% of consumers trust “company technical experts,” while only 43% trust CEOs. Employee generated content is often more authentic than company-produced content. Therefore, consumers are more likely to trust what individuals have to say over any corporate communication.

Matching content with a face helps brands gain consumer trust.

Employee Advocacy strategies can unleash so many 'Superpowers' for a company, but just remember if not done within the right framework, and supported by skill based training from experts it can also go very badly wrong.