A lot of people I talk to about starting a blog, or simply just wanting to share knowledge and expertise seem to defer doing it because "I'm not sure everyone will like what I write about", and you know what, they're correct........

We often get hung up into thinking that everyone should like what we talk about, or what we do, which inevitably adds to our procrastination.

However, if you take the time to think about it not everyone you have ever met (or yet to meet) will have become your greatest fan, or best friend. But those that are in your social circle are there because of some common connection which can be anything from family, friends, work colleagues, people you meet at the pub, or on holiday.

If you proactively look to connect with and grow your LinkedIn network with purpose, for example I know nothing about AI so there's little point in me connecting with folks in that industry unless they want to learn how to implement a successful 'Social Selling' strategy that is. But if I wanted to connect with companies who can add value to my network, or i think i could add value to them it's obviously what I mean when I say 'connecting with purpose'

Chances are you're already connecting with people from a similar industry, maybe you got introduced by a mutual connection because they thought you guys would get on together either way there is already some common ground.

LinkedIn has over 615 Million registered subscribers with circa 50% of them active on a monthly basis. Are they always 'active' on here, of course not because they are busy doing everyday stuff, just like you and me. 

Sometimes they don't see what you've posted because they have other priorities that day, or maybe the subject matter isn't relevant at that moment in time, but if your approach is consistent with what you know, and you're willing to share it with like minded people your tribe will grow, your tribe will comment and 'like' what your doing, but there's one big catch.......you can't be 'front of mind' some of the time!

As in real life you only get out what you put in, so if you only post something on LinkedIn when you want something its more likely to turn people off, if you only see your friends when it suits you, chances are they will be too busy when you really do need something - you simply can't avoid the effort that goes into building relationships in real life, and the same is true for LinkedIn.

We know that over 80%+ of B2B leads are generated via LinkedIn, the majority of these business relationships start long before there is any form of direct communication or contact from a potential customer. The most successful ones are those that have put the time and afford into really understanding the key changes in the buying process by sharing stories, sharing helpful advice and knowledge, and connecting with purpose.

There are far too many people (the ones who won't be reading this anyway) who are still on LinkedIn because of FOMO, they surface when they need a new job, or  send 'let's connect' spammy messages in order to pitch 2 minutes after you've accepted that invite, because they are still stuck in the old advertise and promote mindset.

The companies and people who really excel on Social Media are the ones who've taken the time to really understand how to use it, invest the time and effort to adapt and learn, they have lost the fixed mindset thinking that got them this far and are open to better understand how to unleash the amazing 'Superpowers' that Social Media can deliver - and these are winning out day after day from their competitors who are still stuck in outbound, intrusive marketing techniques.

So, "Share content regularly on LinkedIn, even if some people see you as Barry Manilow. By that I mean, some people LOVE Barry Manilow and think he hung the moon. Other people think he's a treacly hack. 

The point is, by sharing content that puts your ideal prospect's needs front and center - you cannot fail here.