An interesting article from the BBC on how the number of land line calls is decreasing and the number of mobile calls is increasing.

The article also points out that the use of dial codes are now pretty useless as we more to a world of global communications.

In my career I’ve seen many a technology to come and go. Writing letters, fax’s, email, the internet, mobile and social media have all made massive impacts to my world and probably your world to.

And still people say.... sales hasn’t changed!

Maybe it’s because their training materials require you to believe GDPR does not exist and has no impact. Maybe their training materials don’t take into account of the fact that if you keep ringing me or keep emailing me, I can block you.

I was at some Christmas drinks recently and was talking to a CIO. I asked how did he cope with the relentless outbound outreach. He confirmed it was relentless, but dealing with it was easy. Pretty much all of it was templated and all the same, so it went in the bin.

Like the Mohammed Ali and George Forman fight, Forman was the better fighter. But Ali studied his competition, spotted the weakness, waited and pounced.

Technique wins over formula and even more so in the digital world.