It’s interesting to watch the demise of the mighty advertising industry. This article sums it up nicely, not only the move to digital but the demise of digital in front of our very eyes.

But surely the spend of adverting on digital is going up? Yes but like advertising on analogue media it is fragmented. There was once a choice, Amazon or Facebook, now there is Amazon, and other new entrants.

And us users? We are totally pissed off with adverting. We used to put up with it as it was the only way to find out about things, now we have the internet, social media and mobile. If we want information, we have it at our fingertips. We don’t need brands pushing their boring, predictable message down our throats.

That’s way ad-blocker use grows 30% year-on-year, it’s why GDPR helped to kill other forms of push and interrupt marketing. Now if you advertise people laugh at you as they know you are a marketing department, lazy and devoid of ideas. Hoping your “Facebook ads” will give you a level of credibility in a world that has moved on. Let’s not forget Facebook ads are not social they are advertising.

2019 is a great time to think about the new world, the modern buyer and why people like us use social media.