I've written before about people over complicating Marketing theory, not sure why but I guess it's so you get scared, panic and you hire them.

Marketing isn't that difficult and this is where the Marketing flywheel comes in.  Yes I know it sounds complicated, but I will explain.

If you think about what you do leads onto something else in a circle.

1. Using Keyword Research and Industry Intuition you

2. Create content.

3. Publish this out out through your network.

4. Promote through social channels.

5. Earn links and get amplification.

6. This should (hopefully) grow your social, followers, interactions.

7. This grows your domain authority with Google.

8. You earn more search and referral traffic.

9. You rank better for keyword search (KWS).

10. Which brings you back to you .... using Keyword Research and Industry Intuition you

11. Create content

You keep going round this route, each time you will increase your amplification, shares, followers, domain authority, SEO, etc, etc,

It's that simple.