We all read articles about digital disruption.  Many of the articles tell us to be a disrupter (as this does) and this article tells us to "surface your data assets".  The issue that many people have, is that we don't know what that means and we don't know how to execute on the article.

There are so many "why" articles on digital transformation but very few, "how".  So many people, tell us why we should do something, but few offer a "how".

We talk all the time to people who understand the risk on what can happen, but few people can really quantify what that risk is.

Most articles and consultancies focus on efficiency and effectiveness or shinny new objects.  Articles speak to us that we need to be into Cloud or IOT.  Do we?  You don't even know my circumstances.

One element of transformation, that in fact all of our workforce have voted for is social.  It's used in marketing, sales, Customer Service, Procurement, Human Resources and people have voted with their feet to use it.

So why not go with the flow and use something that is already being used by the enterprise and the people that work in it.  If we look at the use of social in the sales area (why we can get incremental revenue) this can provide self finance to the project.

So maybe the answer is simple.