Video, video, video. I know. We've been banging about it for a good year or two now. I know I have. Sorry.

But while the importance of video is undisputed, the way to make it work for your business has changed hugely.

We've gone from YouTube channels to Instagram Stories, to Facebook Live and Instagram Live. Somewhere along the way there was Vine. 

And who can forget Meerkat? Even Periscope still has its fans although my personal jury is out on that one.

But the one thing that has changed? The role of people. Sure there are influencers, and they matter hugely. But now everyone is an influencer. 

Not just the Beckhams and Zoellas, but literally everyone of your customers (or employees) with a social account and a smartphone camera. 

Ok, that's the start. You also need a channel (Facebook Live say). Then there's your community (in my current job we have 94,000 followers to our Facebook page). Content? We get our partners to produce compelling live content. And we give it all a small boost using Facebook advertising. 

The numbers are less important than the principles here. When you are consistent with your channel and audience, and advertising spend, the results can be impressive. 

Facebook page, plus FB video, plus FB advertising, in our case. YouTube plus Google I'm pretty sure will give you more bang for your content/community buck.

So go all in with video. But make sure you make it people-based, authentic, spontaneous. And yes, put some advertising/influencer budget behind it. But make sure you've got the platform/channel mix right. Go broadcast!