The days where the Human Resources (HR) department looked after; hiring and firing are long gone.

Companies are in disarray as the old forms of marketing no longer work.  Nobody looks at ads, nobody reads emails, nobody reads corporate advertising.  Marketing is broken and this is where HR can come to it's aid.

There is one thing that every company has that prospects and customers adore, that's passionate employees.

Activate those employees to talk, write and post about that passion and you have one massive sales and marketing opportunity.

Now don't make the mistake that so many companies make which is to use this as an opportunity to push more corporate content that nobody wants to read.  It has to be an activation and empowerment of the employees.

There is also another upside for the HR department which is that they can switch their recruitment and talent management from push to pull.  Social can enable you to manage the whole of the employee experience.  From recruitment, right through to leavers.