One of the mistakes that we are seeing in the area of retail is that old world processes are being used to try and prop up the new world order.

There is no longer the argument about bricks and mortar vs on-line, everything is merged.  Some people will buy solely on-line, some people will want to review products in a store to kick off a decision making process, some will want product to confirm the decision making process.

One thing that has changed is that the world of pile adverts high and hope people will watch them is over.  While it's a sweeping generalisation, nobody watches ads today.  Even Adidas have changed their advertising policy at the world cup.  They know their audience uses ad blockers, so have stoped advertising and are using influencers and are using social media.

We also see that the consumer wants to have a relationship with a brand and that may well cut the retailer out.  Both FMCG and CPG companies now need to understand what relationship they want, consumer, brand and retailer.

We are all after-all on social media and so is 81% of the internet enabled world.

So how do we shop today?  Well pretty much all of us, start on-line and there needs to be a well thought out desire building process.  Let's also not forget that people don't like to be sold to and we are looking for help and advice and not corporate content.

Time for a change!