One of the questions we get asked by people is "what do we think about sharing corporate content on social?"  Our answer is usually, "it depends".

The truth is, that people, your employees and customers are not stupid.  I know you have got the best marketing agency in the world to write the best copy in the world with the best images in the world.  But to tell the truth it's boring.

The problem with corporate marketing today is it all says the same things.  You are number one, the market leader and it is nothing more than brochureware.  Your employees don't want to read it and therefore don't want to share it.  Plus there is no engagement as nobody wants to read it.

At my previous company they asked everybody to share the content at the same time.  Turning the content into corporate spam.

The best people to write your content is your employees.  It is critical you activate them so they are motivated to write and it's critical that you teach them how do do this (like I'm writing now) so that people want to engage and share their content.

Good luck!