Interesting article that recommends that millennials don't jump straight into starting their own start up, but work at a couple first.

So what does a 52 year old know?

While 14 months ago I spun out of Oracle after working there for ten years, I have worked at a number of startups and this is my second startup.

What I have learnt is that working in businesses especially startups you can get a feel for what works and probably more importantly what does not work in business.  For example, I worked at one startup where the founders were all "delivery" focused and they invested little in sales and marketing (S&M).  It took time to prove that S&M investment was connected to growth.  The key thing for me and could be for you, is you can watch other people make the mistakes.  Such learnings you can take into your startup in a few years time.

I often say to Adam my co-founder that our startup is 30 years in the making, we have spend years building our network and while neither of us are perfect, we are surrounding ourselves with talented people.  Adam and I don't have all the bright ideas.

Finally say, good luck, it's hard, hard work byt very fulfilling!